Everything Is Awesome With Lego Movie 2 Promo At Space Camp


On Friday, January 11th, most of the citizens of Huntsville had no idea that several cast members of The LEGO 2 Movie were shooting a special promo with late-night host and carpool karaoke superstar, James Corden.  Chris Pratt (Emmet Brickowski / Rex Dangevest), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), and Will Arnett (Batman) joined James with as they took part in a series of Space Camp related activities that were chronicled for a special edition of the Late Late Show that will be featured after the AFC Championship on Sunday.  The LEGO 2 Movie continues the fun of the wildly successful first movie with a space theme and is coming to theatres on February 8th.

Members of the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission executive and business committees were briefed on the promotion during their monthly meeting on January 16th.  Staff reported that they were very excited to see the promo and felt that it would spur interest in Space Camp programs.

Chris Pratt Instagrammed a photo of him and the rest of his crew filming in the Davidson Center of Space Exploration along with a message that he fulfilled a life long dream of graduating Space Camp.


*This post was edited on 1-22-2019 to include Youtube video.