USSRC / Space Racer Lawsuit: 15FEB2019 Update (That Escalated Quickly)

“That Escalated Quickly” | Courtesy

We are still waiting for information from the hearing that was to take place today in New York between the U.S. Space and Rocket Center (USSRC) and Space Race, LLC over a $1.3 million arbitration award.  However, it appears that just two days ago on February 13, attorneys for the USSRC have filed a second lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court to vacate the arbitration award based on the argument that case does not belong in New York. USSRC’s complaint also states they plan on using the sovereign immunity defense as an agency of the State of Alabama, a defense that the USSRC stated they would not use during arbitration.

This move has led the attorneys for Space Race to file an emergency order in the New York court to restrain the USSRC from further pursuing additional action in Alabama courts.  As of the time of publication, no actions have been taken in the New York court to either approve or deny the emergency order as requested by Space Race.

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