Decatur High School Serves Up Breakfast on International Space Station

Decatur High School teacher Cindy Boerner Moore Yates shared a very special message on Facebook. A thank you e-mail and pictures from the crew of ISS Expedition 59, enjoying a breakfast treat that students at Decatur High School created.

Orange Blackberry Croissant Casserole was the special dish that won Decatur High School the 2018 HUNCH Culinary Challenge. The special program offers students the chance to create a unique new meal for crews on the ISS. Entries are not only judged on the quality and nutritional requirements of the food prepared, but also on a technical paper about food science and processing food for the microgravity environment, as well as a 2-minute video explaining their food program.

No word yet if the Orange Blackberry Croissant Casserole will show up on Space Camp breakfast menu.